Douglas County Business Eager To Reopen Without Limitations: ‘Life Has To Go On’

Douglas County will be re-opening with no capacity restrictions Friday, April 16. It’s a move many call getting back to normal.

Video Transcript

- As mentioned Douglas County will fully reopen Friday with no restrictions. With more on that, our Jacqueline Quyhn continues our team coverage of Colorado's comeback, Jacqueline.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Jim, you may want to still hold onto these masks because as we were talking about that, we still have a mandate that's extended through May, but starting on Friday in Douglas County at establishments like this, you may find more seating.

SCOTT GERDIS: When Friday morning actually comes around and we're actually able to open up, it's going to be very exciting.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Douglas County's decision to opt out of tri-county health orders is welcomed news to some businesses, like the Castle Cafe.

SCOTT GERDIS: So, we'll be able to open up another 45% of our restaurant.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Scott Gerdis is one of the restaurant's managers. He's been there for 20 years.

SCOTT GERDIS: Not only does it effect the economy of the restaurant business, but the trickle down effect of your delivery drivers, your food reps, your liquor reps.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: While some are praising the decision, others are concerned.

KATI PEDITTO: We can see from publicly available data that anyone can find right now that the pandemic is not over.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Kati Peditto doesn't like the data shows cases going up. Douglas County Schools recently closed down five schools because of outbreaks.

KATI PEDITTO: So the timing of this, I think, should have given the commissioners at least some pause.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Some people don't define that as severe enough to continue restrictions.

SCOTT GERDIS: Most of the people that go out have either been inoculated or have come to the realization that life has to go on.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: The management at Castle Cafe have asked that their employees continue to wear masks and take precautions but understand it may still take more time for people to be ready to come back. All those businesses and people here in Douglas County still have to follow state mandates, so if anything changes they would have to make changes. In Castle Rock, I'm Jacqueline Quinn, "Covering Colorado First".