Dover man charged with two felonies for alleged bar assault

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Jun. 12—Prosecutors have filed a notice to seek an aggravated sentence for a Dover man charged with two felonies after he allegedly assaulted two bar patrons Wednesday.

John Patrick Martin II, 31, is charged with two counts of felony third-degree assault and gross misdemeanor obstructing legal process. He was arrested after a car accident and scuffle with law enforcement June 10, hours after the bar assault.

At his first appearance in Olmsted County District Court, Judge Jacob Allen ordered Martin held on $200,000 unconditional bail. Martin's next court appearance is scheduled for June 24.

Olmsted County Sheriff's deputies were called about 10:10 p.m. Wednesday, June 9, to the Road Trip Bar & Grill, 217 Main St. N., for a report of an assault.

Olmsted County Sheriff's deputies pieced together the timeline of events using surveillance footage from the bar.

In the video, Martin is allegedly scene bickering across the length of the bar with a man before walking over to the man. The bartender attempted to step in, but Martin reportedly pushed the bartender aside. A second man steps in and "without provocation" Martin punched the man in the face, the criminal complaint states.

The man fell to the ground, hitting his head on a stair, which rendered him unconscious.

Martin then pounced on the man he had bickering with, punching his head a half-dozen times, until the man fells on top of the man already on the floor, the complaint reads.

The alleged assault did not end there as Martin reportedly put one of the men in a chokehold and punched him eight more times and bit the man's ear. Martin reportedly attacked the man again after the man got to his feet.

Martin is also alleged to have punched the man on the floor in the face again after the man lifted his head off the ground.

Law enforcement said the following morning that the 35-year-old man required surgery for his injuries. They clarified Friday morning that he had not undergone surgery, but it is possible he will need it in the near future.

The 46-year-old man was initially said to have been treated and released but again, law enforcement clarified Friday morning that the man had not yet sought medical attention.

The criminal complaint states that both men lost consciousness and both had received CT scans. One suffered skull fractures, the criminal complaint states.

Prosecutors filed a notice of intent to seek an aggravated sentence citing that both men were particularly vulnerable, not at the beginning of the assault, but later as Martin "chose" to continue attacking the men, the notice states.

The notice also states that Martin treated one of the men with "particular cruelty" for putting him in a headlock and biting his ear after he had already been knocked unconscious.

"Martin is subject to mandatory minimum sentencing as an offender who has committed a third violent felony," the notice reads.

He was convicted of third-degree assault in 2019 and criminal sexual conduct in 2014.

Court records indicate Martin is currently on supervised released following a state prison sentence for the criminal sexual conduct conviction.

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