It's down to 5 on 'American Idol'

Multi-Grammy Award-winner Finneas mentors the final four as they perform new music for a spot in the season finale!

Video Transcript

- Tonight, American Idol celebrated the music of Coldplay. The contestants also dedicated songs to their moms on this Mother's Day. Entertainment guru, George Pennacchio, tells us which singers made the top five.

ARTHUR GUNN: (SINGING) I was lost, oh yeah.

GEORGE PENNACCHIO: Arthur Gunn, the wild card contestant from last season, along with fellow top seven finalist, Hunter Metts, have been eliminated from the competition. Both singers are grateful to have made it this far, and Hunter says, the real work starts now.

HUNTER METTS: One person gets to walk away with this, and then they walk away, and nothing's guaranteed. They're in the same spot as me. And so, even if you win, you're in my position in two weeks.

GEORGE PENNACCHIO: Southern California's Chayce Beckham is definitely ready to hit the ground running.

CHAYCE BECKHAM: (SINGING) They call it magic.

CHAYCE BECKHAM: I already have my album written. I'm ready to get in the studio. I'm ready to record. I'm ready to go on tour. I'm ready to go spend time on the road. I'm ready to meet my fans. I'm ready to do this.

GEORGE PENNACCHIO: The judges loved Casey Bishop's personality and stage presence.

CASEY BISHOP: (SINGING) And isn't it ironic?

GEORGE PENNACCHIO: And judge, Lionel Richie, suggested Caleb Kennedy get his original song out there now.

CALEB KENNEDY: (SINGING) That's what Mama said.

GEORGE PENNACCHIO: All five remaining contestants will perform their original singles on next week's show.

GRACE KINSTLER: I think it delivers a message that is very relatable to a lot of different people. So I'm excited. I think it'll be groovy and a good time.

WILLIE SPENCE: I'm just gonna pour my heart on that stage, just filled with a bunch of emotion. And I feel like this song has a lot of power moments.

GEORGE PENNACCHIO: Some final thoughts now from the judges.

KATY PERRY: I think this is the best five. We agree with America, as hard as it is to say out loud.

LIONEL RICHIE: You think you've seen everything possible, and then someone comes in with their style, and their take on a song, and it turns into something brand new.

LUKE BRYAN: We see the potential, and we fall in love with the potential.

GEORGE PENNACCHIO: But next week, two more will be eliminated.