Down North Pizza On Mission To Help Formerly Incarcerated In Philadelphia

The owners say they hope their business serves as a model for others.

Video Transcript

- Pizza with a purpose. A new pizza restaurant is on a mission to help the formerly incarcerated in Philadelphia.


Ah, they are so good. The Sixers Stixers performed as the doors opened today at Down North Pizza on West Lehigh Avenue in Strawberry Mansion. Owners Muhammad Abdul-Hadi and Chef Kurt Evans are childhood friends who aim to serve great food while offering employment and housing to formerly incarcerated men and women at a fair wage in an equitable workplace.

KURT EVANS: We want to be a stepping stone for people coming home from the system. We want to be able to say, hey, come here. Get love. Get a hug. Get some support.

The rates of homelessness links to mass incarceration. The links of poverty relates to mass incarceration. There's a lot of different factors that factor into that. So at Down North we want to help combat those systemic issues.

- Nicely done. The owners say they hope that their business serves as a model for other businesses. Be right back.