Downtown Fresno organization aims to support young mothers

Teen Success, Inc. also provides diapers, even food to young mothers.

Video Transcript


DALE YURONG: Little Sienna McCabe is your typical two-year-old, according to her mother, 17-year-old Avana Tarr.

AVANA TARR: When she was a newborn, it was way easier.


AVANA TARR: Now she is running-- running everywhere, getting into things--

DALE YURONG: Which makes it difficult when mom is in the middle of her online classes.

AVANA TARR: My sister and my mom are helping me watch Sienna and Sienna's dad, too, as well.

DALE YURONG: Avana has found support through Teen Success, Inc., a nonprofit organization in downtown Fresno.

SANDRA ALVAREZ: I do one-on-one coaching with moms. So, you know, during the pandemic, I'm, kind of, the one that helps them when they need to vent. When they're talking about, you know, things that are, you know, tension-building in their households.

DALE YURONG: Teen Success, Inc. also provides diapers, even food, to young mothers.

SANDRA ALVAREZ: We're really focused on trying to get-- to, like, mitigate barriers and try to help moms stay in school.

DALE YURONG: Tarr took six months off from school after Sienna was born but felt she needed to go back.

AVANA TARR: I think education is really important to have. And I want to have a career to raise my daughter.

DALE YURONG: What's the ultimate dream and career for you?

AVANA TARR: I want to be a child therapist.

DALE YURONG: Avana Tarr will take her next step forward when she graduates this year from Clovis Adult School.


Dale Yurong, ABC30 Action News.