A new downtown KC baseball stadium seems inevitable. Here’s the single non-negotiable | Opinion

Cover it up

Since it is obvious a new baseball stadium will be built despite public disagreement, one feature is crucial: It must have a roof, whether it’s fixed or can be opened in good weather.

- John Parsons, Lenexa

Take heart

I did not see “other” as an option in The Star editorial board’s poll for naming our new airport. (March 20, 9A, “Vote: KCI needs a name as grand as its new terminal”) My suggestion: Heart of America Airport.

Not only would this name emphasize the central location of Kansas City in the country, but it would also highlight the friendly, welcoming spirit we have — one reason many of the native sons and daughters named in your poll are proud to call here home.

- Marian Kaplan, Overland Park

Battle drugs

As a pediatrician, I see the effects of our nation’s drug crisis daily. The victims are everywhere and innumerable: children whose families are torn apart, those who lose loved ones and those who lose their lives to addiction. In Missouri, overdose is the leading cause of death for young adults, but children are not immune. I have seen too many children who overdosed recently.

One overdose death is too many. It is past time for action to protect our children, to protect our loved ones and to protect ourselves.

Parents: Talk with your children about drugs and explain your expectations. Start early and talk often. Though your kids may not always seem to be listening, they often do. Know your kids’ friends.

Government officials: We know what works. Make naloxone — a drug that reverses the effects of opioid overdose — more available to the public. Expand access to mental health and substance use treatment and medications. Make it harder to access these dangerous drugs.

Everyone: If you struggle with substance use, it is not too late to get help. Talk to your doctor or call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration hotline at 1-800-662-HELP.

We can fight this epidemic. Together, we can save lives.

- Andrew Donaldson, Kansas City

Politicians’ pay

Poor Kansas legislators who work about 90 days a year. Their retirement is prorated for the entire year. Many Kansas Public Employees Retirement System recipients have not had a cost-of-living increase for more than 30 years. With property valuations skyrocketing, some elderly Kansas public servants will lose their homes.

I hope lawmakers keep this in mind when voting on a pay raise for themselves. (March 19, 1A, “Low-wage lawmaking; Kansas lawmakers haven’t received a pay raise in more than a decade. Does that determine who can afford to serve?”)

- Chris Anderson, Basehor

Electric switch

The expansion of electric vehicle use and accessible chargers is necessary to minimize harm to the American public. Tax credits are essential to providing affordable and accessible opportunities to purchase electric-cars and for incentivizing car makers and dealerships to expand their electric vehicle markets.

The expansion of chargers across the country is vital to ensure that beyond cities and suburban areas, rural and disadvantaged areas are equipped with charging stations. Further, global powerhouse companies such as Honda, Panasonic and Toyota have announced they will invest billions of dollars toward EV manufacturing facilities across the United States, which will produce thousands of jobs for Americans.

Since some states may not be in favor of electric vehicle expansion, policies should be implemented at the federal level to ensure that registration fees of electric vehicles are unbiased. States should use the infrastructure funding to provide ample opportunities for all Americans to purchase electric vehicles and to expand the availability of charging stations.

As funding is offered at the federal level, including some individual tax subsidies, states should optimize these resources to improve health outcomes by reducing carbon emission standards on a large-scale level.

- Ashley Estwin, Holts Summit