Dozens of cat mummies unearthed in ancient Egyptian tomb

Mark Kaufman

At an excavation of a pharaoh's 4,500-year-old pyramid complex, Egyptian archaeologists discovered dozens of mummified cats — in addition to 100 ornate cat statues. 

Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Dr. Khaled El-Enany announced the ancient cat artifacts on Nov. 10, and the Ministry took to Twitter to share images of the long-deceased felines, wrapped in ribbons of cloth.

Ancient Egyptians may not have worshiped their cats, but there's ample evidence that they viewed the small mammals as divine. 

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The mummified cats, however, weren't alone. 

Piles of mummified scarab beetles were also found in the tomb. The large beetles lay buried under the lid of heavy limestone sarcophagus for 4,500 years. 

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