Dozens of Kansas City Chiefs employees work on ‘Souper’ Bowl of Caring

Dozens of Kansas City Chiefs employees work on ‘Souper’ Bowl of Caring

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — At least 50 Kansas City Chiefs employees, ambassadors, and red coaters came to Harvesters Wednesday to take part in a Souper Bowl of Caring event.

The volunteers assembled BackSnacks, a pack of food that goes in clear plastic bags about the size of a backpack. The food will go to area children in need to eat on the weekends.

“This is sort of like the competition day,” Chiefs President Mark Donovan said. “Every single month, employees of the Chiefs volunteer their time here at Harvesters and do this exact same thing.”

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Chiefs employees take part in this event even if the team on the field is not about to play in the Super Bowl. One of the people who came to Wednesday’s event was Radio Color Analyst Danan Hughes.

“I think it just speaks to the culture. That’s really what it is,” Hughes said in an interview with FOX4. “I think there’s a lot of envy in regards to the Chiefs organization from what we see on the football field and the magic that we’re seeing in four Super Bowls in six years, but there’s so many great things that are happening off the field within the community.”

The Souper Bowl of Caring is a national food drive the Chiefs have sponsored for the past 15 years. Over that amount of time, Chiefs leadership say they’ve helped make more than 270,000 meals for people in the region.

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“It’s an example of something that Lamar said when he first brought the team here which is we’ve got to be active in the community,” Donovan said when asked about Wednesday’s event. “What he meant by that is, we’ve got to give back. We’ve also just got to be part of the community, so it’s been something we’ve done since the day he got here.

The local beneficiary of the Souper Bowl of Caring is Harvesters. Chiefs leaders say their involvement alone last year helped create 70,000 meals.

“We appreciate that they’ve wanted to partner with us for ten years on the Chiefs Kingdom Food Drive, and that they’ve wanted to use the light that gets shed on them and the eyes that are on them during this lead up to the Super Bowl and point the light and point the eyes towards the reality that we have thousands of children that are food insecure,” Harvesters President and CEO Stephen Davis said in an interview with FOX4 Wednesday.

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Donovan said the Hunt Family Foundation donated $100,000 to Harvesters as well.

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