Dozens killed after two trains collide in Greece

STORY: Dozens of people were killed and at least 85 injured after two trains collided head-on in Greece late Tuesday.

Rescuers combed the crash site through thick plumes of smoke and carried away passengers.

The crash happened on the outskirts of the city of Larissa.

According to a local governor, the passenger train had been travelling from Athens to Thessaloniki when it smashed into a cargo train.

Around 250 passengers were evacuated safely by bus to Thessaloniki. Some arrived with visible wounds.

Crash survivor Stergios Minenis described the ordeal.

He said he heard a big bang, and for ten seconds, they turned over in the wagon until they fell on their sides. There were cables everywhere on fire, he says, people screaming, trapped with fires to the right and left of them. He said he had no choice but to jump two metres into broken debris and metal underneath him, to escape the chaos.

Authorities say the first four carriages of the passenger train derailed, and the first two carriages were “almost completely destroyed” in the subsequent fire.

It’s still unclear what caused the collision.