Dozens Turn Out For "Stop Asian Hate" Rallies In Western Pennsylvania

Dozens gathered in Squirrel Hill and Westmoreland County on Saturday morning to rally together as part of a call to end the growing hatred against the Asian-American community.

Video Transcript

- With attacks on Asian-Americans still in the forefront of the minds of many people, today, Pittsburghers came together to call for an end to the hate. After last week's massive rally, dozens gathered in Squirrel Hill to call for change.

- What we need is not to, you know, just show up in solidarity . after-- I mean, this is great. Showing up in solidarity after events occur, that's great. But what we need is permanent mobilization. We need to organize our communities. We need to fight alongside each other.

- Organizers say they hope to continue to raise awareness of the issues and inspire change here in Pittsburgh. The Stop the Hate movement also got support today in Greensburg. Dozens turned out there, calling for an end to the attacks on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. It's just one of the rallies taking place nationwide today.