Dr. B is now live in Florida. Here’s how to match with a leftover COVID-19 vaccine

Michelle Marchante
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Dr. B, the free website that matches COVID-19 vaccine providers with leftover doses to people who want one, has now gone live in Florida.

The website, available in English and Spanish, acts like a nationwide virtual waiting list. People who sign up will be notified when a vaccine provider in their area has extra doses available. You’ll be asked if you can arrive by a set time and if so, to “claim the dose.”

News reports about the website, which now has more than 2 million sign-ups, appeared in multiple news outlets last month, including McClatchy news sites, New York Times and USA Today. Its founder is tech entrepreneur Cyrus Massoumi.

Even though Dr. B’s services were reportedly limited to two providers in early March — one in Little Rock, Arkansas, and another in Queens, New York — the site quickly blew up with sign-ups across the country.

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About 57,000 people from South Florida have joined the wait list since last month, the company told the Miami Herald in an email Friday. Dr. B added Florida providers to its system earlier this week.

Dr. B says the providers are independent physicians and that some are in South Florida. The company said it’s in the process of onboarding additional providers in Miami-Dade and Broward counties and is also working to add community based organizations and mass vaccination sites.

The company said it will not make available a list of providers because people who sign up will not be able to select the provider they want since the standby system is based on last-minute availability.

Here’s what else to know:

How to sign up for Dr. B standby vaccine list. What info does it ask for? Can I pick which vaccine I want?

In Florida, anyone 16 and older can get the Pfizer vaccine. People 18 and older can also get Moderna or Johnson & Johnson.

However, only people 18 and older can use Dr. B. Anyone who wants to join the vaccine standby list at https://hidrb.com/ must provide their name, email, ZIP code, date of birth, profession and phone number. The number you provide must be able to accept text messages. The website will also ask if you have any preexisting health conditions that make you at risk for severe COVID complications.

If you don’t want to give your personal cell phone number, you can create a free Google Voice account, which lets you get a free phone number that can make calls and receive text messages through the Google Voice app.

You will not be able to pick which vaccine you want through Dr. B because it will depend on which one the provider has available.

Dr. B will not ask for payment, Social Security numbers or insurance information. Dr. B will message you from the following phone numbers only:


(844) 989-2590

Can multiple people use the same phone number? Can I sign up for multiple locations?

Not yet. The system only allows one phone number per person though Dr. B hopes to change this in the future, according to its FAQ guide. In terms of location, you can only sign up for one ZIP code. However, you can update your information by submitting the registration form again with the same phone number.

This could be useful for people who have moved to another city or county.

What if I don’t respond to Dr. B’s text message in time or can’t make it?

You will be given the option to rejoin the standby list in your original spot, according to the company. If you don’t respond to the message, Dr. B will take you off the list.

I just “claimed” my dose but realized I can’t make it. Can I cancel?

No. If this happens to you and you need help, email hi@hidrb.com.

I got my COVID-19 vaccine elsewhere. Can I unsubscribe from Dr. B?

Yes. Text LEAVE to 81375 and follow the prompts.

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