Dr. Jackie Walters’ Guide to Getting It On this Valentine’s Day: 5 things men need to know about ‘The Queen V’

Roses are red, violets are blue and your Valentine’s Day dreams are about to come true.

Dr. Jackie Walters, a celebrity OB-GYN and star of Bravo’s Married to Medicine, recently published The Queen V: Everything You Need to Know About Sex, Intimacy, and Down There Health Care. You might be surprised at what she has to say.

Whether you’re the owner of a vagina or just love one, this revealing book breaks down the twelve principles behind a happy and healthy Queen V.

Here are the top five anatomical insights she wants every man to know this Valentine’s Day:

1. The Queen V is sensitive

“The vagina is as sensitive as the penis,” states Dr. Walters. “So be careful how you treat the Queen V.” The clitoris alone has twice the amount of nerve endings of a penis. Double the pleasure, double the fun.

2. It doesn’t smell like a rose... and that’s OK

“The vagina has an aroma that is supposed to be there. It is not supposed to smell like a flower garden or the produce department,” assures Dr. Walters. A normal vaginal smell can be described as sweet, tangy or slightly musky, but can vary due to hormones, sex, a woman’s menstrual cycle and other factors.

3. Know your nooks and crannies

“The vagina is made up of pleats and folds which is pleasurable for both people,” Dr. Walter remarks. “Men are touching the wrong places. You need to understand the anatomy of the female so you know where we’re sensitive.” Communicating with your partner is also key.

4. It lengthens as you lengthen

“It looks like an accordion when it’s not aroused but in arousal, it lengthens,” Dr. Walters explains. A vagina can expand up to twice its size during arousal, while the clitoris will also swell. “You have to work to make it work,” she adds.

5. It has a brain!

Sexual arousal begins before you’re in the bedroom. Dr. Jackie says, “Whether you’re not talking to me until you’re in bed, or you’re leaving me sweet little notes or making phone calls, that stimulates the vagina.”

Arm yourself with this knowledge to give the Queen V a little extra royal treatment this Valentine’s Day. Make it memorable, and you’ll become her favorite loyal subject.