How Dr. Kojian Is Helping Millions of Americans to Lose Weight Healthily

According to the CDC, over 40% of Americans are obese and nearly three-quarters are overweight. Estimates suggest that an overweight person will pay nearly $1,500 more in medical costs while remaining more susceptible to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other serious health complaints.

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In other words, every extra pound of fat that you carry impacts your health, wallet, and life expectancy.

It’s a scary statistic, and it’s one that Dr. James Kojian and his team of clinicians are keen to remedy.

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As a leading weight-loss specialist, Dr. Kojian has already helped thousands of Americans to shed pounds and improve their health, and every day he moves a little closer to his goal of fixing America’s obesity epidemic, one patient at a time.

Dr. Kojian’s Weight-Loss Work

  • I have lost nearly 40 lbs…thank you DrToHelp and Dr. Kojian!

  • I’ve lost 34.5 pounds as of today with the help of Dr. Kojian.

  • I started at 159 and I’m currently 138 thanks to and Dr. Kojian.

These are just a few of Dr. Kojian’s patients, all of whom acquired his services through the website. Dr. Kojian has earned himself a reputation as a caring and professional doctor who gets the job done, as these and countless other patient testimonials prove.

The doctor works alongside a highly experienced team of healthcare experts (including Dr. Peek, Dr. Pearlson, Jennifer Durst, Alecia Iglesias, Melissa Cox, and Catie Collins) and prescribes weight-loss drugs online.

If you’re a new customer, you just need to complete a form, answer some basic health questions, and book a Free Consultation. A doctor will then determine if you are a good fit or not, taking your size, age, pre-existing health conditions, and several other factors into consideration.

Once you have a prescription, you can order refills with just a few clicks and ask the doctor anything that’s on your mind.

The Benefits of Weight-Loss

Dr. Kojian prescribes a safe and effective weight-loss drug known as Phentermine. It is approved by the FDA and is considered very safe and well-tolerated.

Phentermine causes fast but safe weight loss, helping patients to shed several pounds a week. In fact, the majority of Dr. Kojian’s patients have lost an average of 40 to 50 lbs. of unhealthy weight and have done so in a way that minimizes side effects and discomfort.

Phentermine was approved by the FDA way back in 1959 and is considered to be one of the safest weight loss drugs on the market, making it a popular choice for Dr. Kojian. It works primarily by suppressing the appetite, thus helping patients to reduce their calorie intake, eliminate binge eating, and beat those cravings.

On paper, weight-loss is a simple and straightforward process and essentially boils down to “calories in vs calories out”, but in reality, it goes much deeper than that.

Eating the wrong foods means you’ll still be hungry even after you’ve met your calorie requirements. And if you use food as a crutch, as is the case for many people who struggle with their weight, it’s hard to reduce your calories.

Phentermine negates these issues, allowing patients to meet their daily targets without feeling like they’re losing their minds. It has been a godsend, and while it’s usually recommended for a limited period only, that’s often more than enough to start the ball rolling.

Studies show that phentermine users lose an average of 5-10% of their body weight in just 12 weeks. This means that a 300 -person can expect to drop up to 30 pounds, and that’s without taking exercise into the equation.

It’s an incredibly effective drug, and one that Dr. Kojian has used to help thousands of patients.

Summary: Dr. Kojian’s Work

By losing so much weight so quickly, Dr. Kojian’s patients have significantly improved their health and well-being while decreasing the risk of chronic disease.

Dr. Kojian’s work extends far beyond a simple prescription. He helps his customers by providing weight-loss advice, exercise tips, and encouragement, attacking the problem from every possible angle and increasing the patient’s chance of success.

It’s why Dr. Kojian has been so successful over the years and why he’s one of the internet’s favorite doctors.