Dr. Nizam Peerwani served Fort Worth as medical examiner with skill and honor

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Medical examiner does his job

The April 28 front-page story “Tarrant defense lawyers want investigation of medical examiner” has another side.

I have known Dr. Nizam Peerwani for more than 40 years, and his expertise and character are above reproach. Peerwani sent a letter announcing his retirement to the county April 1, long before this news story.

Not reported were the salient facts of the murder case in question, in which an 89-year-old robbery victim was hog-tied with duct tape and suffocated. Fifteen years later, the convicted killer’s lawyers are trying to delay his execution with slightly misstated facts.

Peerwani works seven days a week with little time off. You might consider what he has accomplished in the last 42 years and how he gained an international reputation.

- Chuck Noteboom, Fort Worth

I’m still concerned about the border

Jennifer Rubin, in her May 5 column, “Hey, whatever happened to our country’s border crisis?” (15A) says Republicans have lost interest in the border crisis. Well, this Republican hasn’t.

Fox News reports several times a day on what’s going on down there. Customs and Border Patrol officials are interviewed, and video is shown of migrants walking or paddling across the river. It’s been reported again that President Joe Biden’s administration is using the same facilities to house migrants that he criticized Donald Trump for using.

Of course he is. What else can be done with unaccompanied minors? Biden should restore the Trump policies that were working.

- Lucille Bida, Arlington

That’s good enough for me

That settles it. If Beto O’Rourke is endorsing Deborah Peoples for Fort Worth mayor, then I am not voting for her. (May 6, 2A, “O’Rourke endorses Peoples for next Fort Worth mayor”)

- Jim Hargrove, Fort Worth

Turn our attention inward

I read with increasing anger about tens of millions of dollars spent to deal with those entering the country illegally. At the same time, our plan to deal with homeless American citizens is to outlaw urban camping. No mention is made of spending on mental health care, job training or any other help for them.

Shouldn’t we care for our own first, then turn our attention to newcomers, legally here or not?

- Ben Oefinger, Cleburne

If you stay in your own bubble …

I graduated from Carroll ISD in 2010. The events of the past year do not surprise me at all.

Southlake relies on an environment of entitlement. The demographics serve to alienate us as students from those who are different from us. The whitewashed curriculum, the comments of other students and even the complacency of the teachers served to support the status quo. All of this culminates in situations like those of this last year. (April 19, 1A, “Carroll diversity plan faces uphill battle”)

After graduation, students will be asked to interact with people they have no history with and who are different in almost every aspect. The job of schools is to prepare students for the real world. Carroll ISD is failing.

- Ansley Hayes Hopping, Southlake

Arguments that hold little water

On May 5, the Star-Telegram printed commentaries from Republicans Sen. Ted Cruz and Kathleen Parker. (15A, “Texas is fighting back against big businesses that threaten oil, gas jobs,” “Let’s face it: Liberals just can’t handle a Black conservative”)

To Cruz, I would say, hypocrisy defines you better than any other word in the English language. I guess he thinks all readers would buy the Trump logic of revenge on corporation.

As for Parker’s assessment of the Democrats’ response to Sen. Tim Scott, I would say it was the best example of judging someone by the content of his character that I have seen in decades.

- Jeri Chilcutt, Benbrook

Will Abbott listen to the police?

Law enforcement officials across the state decry Texas’ new permitless-carry gun bill. (May 7, 2A, “Permitless carry of handguns passes in Texas Senate”) If Gov. Greg Abbott signs it into law, we will all know that he and his GOP pals do not back the blue and that blue lives don’t matter.

- J.W. Sullivan, Arlington

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