Dr Yahya Alavi Hosts The Biggest Renowned Emotional Intelligence Course

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Aya Business School
Aya Business School

Tehran, Iran, July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Emotional Intelligence Courses by Dr. Yahya Alavi has gained enormous popularity and draws the attention of every student. While considering the history of education in this field in other countries, it can be claimed that it is indeed the biggest emotional intelligence course right across the world.

In each course, Dr Alavi delivers the most up-to-date methods for increasing our quality of life through emotional intelligence and decision making techniques.

As noted in Daniel Goleman's books ( Founder of EQ and Harvard Professor ) Potential benefits of emotional Intelligence include better communication skills to encourage positive relationships and more empathy to reduce disagreements. It also provides skills to overcome life's challenges, which results in reduced stress and anxiety. Emotionally intelligent people might also have higher negotiation and people skills, which could take you further in your career than what's listed in your resume.

Emotional Intelligence is a new concept in management and psychology. Interestingly enough, no scientific paper has been published more than those with the topic of emotional intelligence in recent years.

Through emotional intelligence tests, 15 types of emotions can be identified, which are then harnessed to make people experience more balanced emotions by avoiding emotional suppression or obsession. َ

Unfortunately, the average age of depression has reached 14, which is a devastating statistic.

In addition, according to the official reports of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, approximately 27 per cent of mature men and 19 percent of mature women in Iran suffer from psychological disorders.

With the increase in depression and its symptoms in metropolises and cities, the more people are aware of their emotions, the fewer problems they will encounter. Having said that, as noted by weforum.org, emotional intelligence has a 65% impact on life expectancy.

Emotional intelligence essentially influences one's awareness of their own emotions and their management, and in turn, one’s awareness of other people's emotions and an effective establishment of relationships. The importance of emotional intelligence exhibits itself in the significant role it plays in creating positive feelings and its undeniable key role in managing one's relations with one's society, colleagues, superiors, spouse, children, as well as other individuals.

With the acquisition of emotional intelligence techniques, we can master our emotions, ameliorate our emotional intelligence, gain an accurate recognition of our strengths and weaknesses, gain a stable level of self-esteem, reach a more accurate definition of responsibility, identify the stress stimulants we might encounter on our way, and come up with solutions to overcome them.

Dr. Yahya Alavi has been holding the biggest and the most professional emotional intelligence courses in Iran for the past 13 years, and in each course, the effort has been made to deliver the most up-to-date methods and scientific achievements to the participants. Also, AYA Business School is currently offering Strategic Management in Business, one of the most prestigious MBA courses. You can find its rubric on the website and can also visit Instagram , LinkedIn

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