Dracut Teacher On Leave After Handing Out Sexual Survey To Science Class

Some Dracut parents and students are outraged over a sexual survey a science teacher handed out to high school students. WBZ-TV's Christina Hager reports.

Video Transcript

- Dracut High School teacher is on administrative leave tonight, accused of giving students a survey with questions about their sex lives. WBC's Christina Hager's live in Dracut tonight. Christina, I know you spoke with the teacher.

CHRISTINA HAGER: And Lisa, he told us this was a survey someone else authored. But what really has students and parents surprised here is that this was not for a sex ed class, this was for an honors level anatomy and physiology class.

ERIC JACKSON: I've been asked to make no comment, and I appreciate everyone checking up on me. But I really just wanna-- I'm gonna wait for the decision of the superintendent.

CHRISTINA HAGER: Eric Jackson on administrative leave from his job as a science teacher at Dracut High School.

- Some students left the class actually, because they were so uncomfortable with what happened.

CHRISTINA HAGER: Richard Silvio was a Junior here. He gave us pictures of the survey he says Jackson handed out in anatomy class-- entitled sexual temperament questionnaire. The first question-- unless things are just right, it is difficult for me to become-- we're leaving the rest out. Another, sometimes I feel so shy or self-conscious during sex that--

- Words that are frankly I don't even want to say on camera.

CHRISTINA HAGER: His father and other parents here just as shocked.

- I know he's a good teacher, he's had good support in the past. But now, we wonder how long if this is went on before, you don't know.

- I thought they were very inappropriate.

CHRISTINA HAGER: In a statement, the Superintendent called it a highly inappropriate survey, and said the district has initiated a review of the matter.

CHRISTINA HAGER: Can I just ask you where that came from that survey? Is that something that comes from another source?

ERIC JACKSON: I-- I'm gonna-- I've been asked to not make any comment, so I'm just gonna say no comment. Thank you very much. I haven't contacted the author of that particular, so-- so

- I just-- I don't understand how he didn't think that was going to be an issue.

CHRISTINA HAGER: Students and parents tell me that Jackson told the class-- he didn't expect students to fill this out and turn it in, but rather he was hoping it would be an exercise to get them thinking. By the way, the School board here in Dracut is set to meet tonight. So perhaps, this is something board members will be taking up. In Dracut, Christina Hager. WBC News