Draft house in Jacksonville serves first pours.

Mar. 17—Wines and ciders, and beers, oh my!

Apothecary Draft house in Jacksonville is officially open for business. Patrons lined up by the dozen seeking a chill environment for date night or just a bit of fun.

The 42 self-pour tap was a huge hit with folks as they could pour their own whenever they needed a refill and as much or as little as they wanted. Just tap a wristband that is connected to a credit or debit card and it keeps track of the ounces poured on each tab.

Emily and Adam Haynes said they were there enjoying a date-night and that the cozy upscale atmosphere was one they could typically see in a bigger city, right here in Calhoun County.

"I've been looking for a place to go after work to kind of unwind with coworkers, and I think this is the best place for that, and date night. This is the first time in a long time that we've been without our kids," Emily Haynes said.

Haynes said she enjoyed that the place was not a "bar," and there was no pressure to drink or be inebriated in any way.

When asked if either of them were beer connoisseurs, Adam Haynes said, 'I don't know that I would say I'm a connoisseur, but I've tried a few." He went on to say he was excited to try the different options available.

"I haven't looked at the options yet, but from what they told me coming in, I think they'll have a good range of options," Adam said.

Courtney Christopher, of Jacksonville, was there with a group of friends hanging out on one of the couches. Close by, an act called Grace and Grit played the guitar and sang as the first artists to perform at the venue.

Christopher said a place like this was just what Jacksonville needed, "somewhere for the younger crowd to go."

Christopher's friend Amber Law said that the place was definitely more "upscale," and that she really enjoyed the vibe. She said she and her friends enjoyed visiting similar places that have several types of beers to try.

"We like to travel and go to different beer houses or breweries. I like a lager," Law said.

The draft house owner, Josh Stearns, of Jacksonville, said that despite a few hiccups getting started at the beginning of the night, all of the patrons seemed to be having a good time.

"It's going great. Everybody seems to be loving it, and having a great time. Everybody's being really patient, people playing pool, there's a band playing. Everybody seems to be having a blast," Stearns said.

Staff Writer Ashley Morrison: 256-236-1551. On Twitter: @AshMorrison1105.