Draft Picks To Hold Virtual St. Baldrick's Fundraiser

Lisa Marie Farver

NAPERVILLE, IL — Each year, Draft Picks in Naperville holds an annual St. Baldrick's fundraiser to benefit childhood cancer research, but this year, the in-person event was not possible due to the new coronavirus crisis. Instead, Draft Picks is hosting a virtual St. Baldrick's fundraiser, challenging residents to shave their heads for a good cause.

Event coordinator Dawn Fetro said in an email that since many people are overdue for a haircut during the coronavirus shutdown, they may as well shave it all off to benefit St. Baldrick's. Draft Picks wrote on the Facebook event page, "[L]et’s face it, showers and hair combing have become an optional pastime! How about we completely skip the comb for a few weeks and shave it all off... by the time the stay at home orders are lifted, your hair will already be growing back!!"

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Those who want to take part can first sign up on the St. Baldrick's event page. After you sign up, Draft Picks suggests you share the link with people you know so the donations can start rolling in. Then, comes the fun part.

Participants are encouraged to let their friends know when they plan to shave their heads and to do a Facebook live video and share before and after photos to the Draft Picks Tackles Childhood Cancer page on Facebook with the hashtag #DFYchildhoodcancers.

Participants who raise $50 or more will get a free T-shirt, according to the event page.

Fetro wrote in the email that Draft Picks Naperville has raised more than $93,000 in the past three years with its St. Baldrick's event.

This article originally appeared on the Naperville Patch