Drako Unveils The Most Powerful All-Electric Grand Tourer on the Planet

Robert Ross

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With hybrid and electric hypercars upping the horsepower bar, and the new Porsche Taycan raising expectations for the battery-powered sedan, it stands to reason that some enterprising manufacturer would marry electricity and extreme performance with four-passenger, four-door luxury. Enter Silicon Valley carmaker Drako Motors and the world’s most powerful grand tourer, the 1,200 hp Drako GTE with a top speed of 206 mph. The car gets its mojo from four permanent-magnet, hybrid-synchronous electric motors (one at each wheel), which deliver a staggering 6,490 ft lbs of combined torque through separate direct-drive gearboxes to each wheel. An advanced torque vectoring system and the vehicle’s low center of gravity, due to floor-mounted batteries, result in handling dynamics that optimize traction and safety on all road surfaces. So while you may thrill the kids in the backseat a little, they’ll still feel safe. Ish.

The Drako’s slippery shape is the work of Lowie Vermeersch, founder and creative director of Granstudio in Turin, Italy (and former design director at Pininfarina). The vehicle’s design serves both aesthetic and aerodynamic imperatives, proof that what works best often looks best, too. Evidence of this is the rear end’s Kamm tail design, which gives a historic nod to the Alfa Romeo “Coda Trunca” of the 1960s and reduces drag in the bargain. A prominent rear diffuser underscores (literally) the GTE’s performance capabilities.

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Pop the carbon-fiber hood and, instead of two banks of cylinders, the Drako reveals an impressive technology landscape of huge DC-to-AC inverters, artfully engineered Öhlins suspension components and a formidable cooling system that includes three oversized radiators. The system is designed to cope with the batteries’ 90 kWh of energy capacity and peak output of 2,200 amps.

Drako GTE

The GTE’s long wheelbase means plenty of cabin space for four—with luggage—and the interior appointments include trim options and amenities and infotainment commensurate with elegant long-distance travel. Priced from $1.25 million, the Drako GTE will be limited
to 25 cars worldwide, with deliveries planned for 2020.

A-List Access: For serious purchase inquiries, contact Shiv Sikand, Drako Motors’ executive vice president, at shiv@drakomotors.com.

Check out more pictures of the GTE below:

Drako GTE
Drako GTE
Drako GTE Engine
Drako GTE console