Draymond Green Blames His 'Selfish Unselfishness' For The Warriors' Near-Upset

Jordan White

The Golden State Warriors were well on their way to another blowout victory over the hapless Philadelphia 76ers before the Sixers inexplicably stormed back and almost won the game. The Warriors avoided the upset thanks to Harrison Barnes’ game-winning three, but there was no reason for them to be in that spot at all.

So what happened? Why the sudden collapse? Draymond Green has a theory, and he’s pointing fingers at none other than himself. As Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group reports:

“We started turning the ball over due to my selfish unselfishness, and it was all downhill from there,” said Green, who committed four of his seven turnovers in the third.

Asked about hunting assists, he said, “Could you tell? It looked bad. It felt bad.”

Kudos to Draymond for being honest. It’s tough to blame him, too. Any time a player is close to a triple-double, it’s a natural reaction to hunt for it. Green needed more assists for his triple-double, so he started slinging the ball all over the place instead of making the right play.

Green didn’t get his numbers, and almost didn’t get the win, either. From his comments, it appears as if he learned his lesson and got his assist-hunting out of his system.

(Bay Area News Group)