Are Dreadlocks American? A Texas Superintendent Had This to Say About Black Hair ...

Screenshot: KHOU NEWS
Screenshot: KHOU NEWS

Just when we thought that suspending students over their hairstyles would be left in 2023, a Texas superintendent has decided to take it to another level. After Barbers Hill High School student Darryl George was controversially suspended multiple times over his dreadlocks, the school’s superintendent has now reportedly came out in support of the school’s actions in a very public way.

In an full-page ad taken out in the Houston Chronicle, superintendent Greg Poole justified the school’s response to George’s dreadlocks as a matter of being American. And, according to Poole, being American “requires conformity.”

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However, George styles his locs in a way that allows his hair to not go below his ears. Yet according to Poole, George is simply not conforming enough.

Taking a shot at the editorial board of the Houston Chronicle, Poole also buttressed his views on conformity and Black hair by comparing them to the previous COVID-19 restrictions.

“How poignantly ironic that the Chronicle criticizes limited dress code conformity that is correlated to student success yet wholeheartedly sanctioned complete face-mask wearing conformity that is still questioned today as an adequate defense against COVID-19.”

The school has not officially commented on the ad placed by Poole.

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