Dreary Weather Doesn't Stop Memorial Day Weekend Indoor Fun

CBS2's Kiran Dhillon visited American Dream in New Jersey, Coney Island and Times Square to see how people were making the best of the rainy conditions.

Video Transcript

- Dreary weather put a damper on a lot of plans this Memorial Day weekend. And a lot of people who hoped to be outside scrambled to arrange indoor family fun. CBS 2's Kiran Dhillon has more.

KIRAN DHILLON: After a roller coaster of a year, most of us had high hopes for Memorial Day weekend. And despite the rain forcing a lot of people indoors, at the amusement park inside American Dream in New Jersey on Sunday, it was all smiles.

- I thought I was going to die.

- It was really fun and it was exciting.

- Did you have a lot of fun?

- Yeah, I did.

KIRAN DHILLON: Long Island mom Kim Malone says after the stressful past year, nothing was going to stop her from bringing her two kids to the park for some R&R.

- We didn't know how the weather was going to be. We just wanted to come.

KIRAN DHILLON: These parents had a similar idea, bringing their two boys in from Queens for a day of rides and thrills, though they admit they did have to change their weekend plans because of the rain.

- We probably would have been at a barbecue somewhere, the beach, or a pool. Something more outside fun.

KIRAN DHILLON: While many of the people here at American Dream say they were disappointed by this weekend's weather, they say they're not going to let a little rain stop them from having a lot of fun.

But while business may have been booming in New Jersey, it was a slower start on Coney Island. Foot traffic at this gift shop was so slow, Jessica Rose spent her day doing inventory.

JESSICA STAR: It's kind of a wash-out. It's kind of a bummer, because every Memorial Day weekend, we're usually packed.

KIRAN DHILLON: Another place that's also usually packed that wasn't, Times Square. Sunday, the rain kept big crowds away, but some tough New Yorkers were still determined to make the most of their weekend.

- There's so much to do here. You could just walk up the block. You got Ripley's, Madame Tussauds. So much in the area, so many different places to eat.

- The weather ruined our plans for Hersheypark. We still found a way to at least be out of the house.

KIRAN DHILLON: Back at American Dream, mom Sydney [? Mathis ?] from Long Island brought her kids to the water park. She says, compared to last year's MWD that was spent social distancing, this one is a blessing.

SYDNEY MATHIS: This feels great to be out. You know, not cooped up in the house, so it just feels great.

KIRAN DHILLON: Still, she admits, she is hoping for a sunny Memorial Day. In East Rutherford, New Jersey, Kiran Dhillon, CBS 2 News.

- And stay with CBS 2 for continuing coverage of Memorial Day weekend. Vanessa will have the full forecast coming up. Plus, how people are spending the holiday despite all this dreary weather. And for more on COVID restrictions, weekend events, travel updates, and more, go to CBSNewYork.com.