Dreary weather to persist across the Northeast

Jessica Storm
·4 min read

After recently enjoying warm spring weather, the Northeast is moving into a dreary and stormy pattern to end the weekend.

Temperatures across much of the northeastern portion of the United States were above average last week, and residents basked in the warmer conditions.

The week-long warmup began around Easter Sunday, when Buffalo, New York, first had its temperatures rise above normal. In early April, the city usually records highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s, but this year, high temperatures started the week in the 50s and 60s, steadily rising into the 70s and even 80s. By Thursday, Buffalo reported a record-setting 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buffalo tied its record high of 82 degrees Fahrenheit from 1945 on Saturday as well. This also put the city on an impressive 24-degree pedestal above the average for this time of year.

On Wednesday, Washington, D.C. had a temperature of 83 F, as opposed to the city's usual lower 60s. That warmth has already come to an end since then, however, as temperatures descended back below normal at 62 on Friday. Accompanying this chill were periodic showers and thunderstorms throughout the day, turning to foggy drizzle spreading into Baltimore, Maryland, as well.

This is indicative of what's to come across the more northern portions of the Northeast, as chilly, showery weather moves northward. Philadelphia experienced an 11-degree drop from Thursday to Friday, which also brought them just below average at 61 F on Friday, along with localized showers, followed by thunderstorms overnight.


Showers began in Washington, D.C. around midnight on Sunday morning, and could be permeated by thunder as showers and thunderstorms bubble up later in the afternoon.

Fog spread across the coastal mid-Atlantic region on Sunday morning, including in Philadelphia and New York City. Periods of rain also tracked through New York City on Sunday morning.

This image, captured early Sunday morning on April 11, 2021, shows the dense fog advisories and special weather statements in effect on Sunday morning in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The local weather office warns that "dense fog will reduce visibility" and urge motorists to use extra caution. (AccuWeather)

The damp chill also made its way to Buffalo early Sunday morning, as periods of rain began moving in, which are expected to weigh down temperatures, but they'll still remain above normal on Sunday. Boston, though, will dive below normal near 50 F to end out the weekend.

This image, captured Sunday morning on April 11, 2021, shows the 24-hour precipitation total. Rain will continue to move from the southwest to northeast, bringing precipitation to more areas of the Northeast. (AccuWeather)

"The center of the same parent storm that led to severe thunderstorms across the South on Friday and Friday night will stall out and continue to spin over the Great Lakes on Sunday and into the early week. Thus, rounds of unsettled conditions will continue to berate much of the Great Lakes and Northeast," Gilbert said. It'll be a rather dreary end of the weekend for those across the northeastern quarter of the country, which may be disappointing to residents who were looking forward to sunshine and fresh air.

This radar image, captured Sunday morning on April 11, 2021, shows the storm stalling over the Great Lakes and bringing rain across the Northeast. (AccuWeather)

Despite the unsettled conditions and cloudy skies, a surge of warmth is forecast for the mid-Atlantic on Sunday. In fact, in Washington, D.C., high temperatures are expected to soar about 13 degrees above normal that day, despite rain and thunderstorms.

Philadelphia is also anticipated to make a comeback, with temperatures peaking at 69 F on Sunday as thunderstorms rumble across the region.

Unfortunately, for cities like Boston, cooler air will move in from the northeast instead, which should keep temperatures around or just below average in that area, especially into the early week. On Monday, Boston's high temperature isn't expected to reach above 50 degrees.

Showers and dreary conditions are also expected to linger into the early week.

After the bulk of precipitation ends across the area from Sunday night to Monday, generally cloudy conditions will remain, and on-and-off showers are expected throughout the rest of the week in most cities of the Northeast as the storm stalls.

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