Drew Barrymore is in a massive pillow fight with a luxury textile designer

In what is shaping up to be a pillow fight for the ages, Los Angeles textile studio Rule of Three is suing Drew Barrymore and Walmart for alleged copyright infringement, TMZ reports.

Rule of Three specifically claims that Walmart's Drew Barrymore pillows (not to be confused with pillows depicting Drew Barrymore, which are also a thing) look identical to a marbled "Turkish Plume" pattern that it released back in 2015. Barrymore, however, has boasted in the past that "every single one" of the items in her Flower Home collection for Walmart is an "original … print."

Rule of Three's pillows retail for an eyebrow-raising $315 to $565, while the most expensive pillows in Barrymore's Walmart collection go for about $34. But you know what they say: when you fight pillows with pillows, all you get are feathers. Compare the designs for yourself at TMZ.

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