Drew Barrymore’s reaction to finding a hidden window while renovating home sparks debate

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Drew Barrymore has sparked a debate among her fans after sharing her reaction to discovering a hidden window in her apartment.

The 47-year-old actor discussed how she’s been renovating her new home in New York City in a recent video posted to her TikTok. The footage began with Barrymore looking outside a window, as she’s amazed to have discovered it in her home.

“It’s so hopeful,” she said, as her voice started breaking. “It’s like something can be so covered up and dark, you can pry it open and create light.”

She then explained how “right before that moment,” the window had been covered up “with drywall” before she had moved into the apartment. However, before finding it, she said that she still had a feeling that the window was there.

“So the people who owned this apartment before me covered up a window with drywall. I don’t know why,” she explained. “And I was like, ‘I know there’s a window, I know there’s a window.’ And guess what? There’s a window and we’re about to reveal it.”

The Charlie’s Angels star could then be seen howling, before pulling pieces of the drywall off. She showed the window and pushed it open, as she began laughing and smiling at the camera.

She then removed her face mask and began to cry: “I knew there was a window here. I knew it, I knew it.

As of 8 July, the video has more than 4.4m views on TikToK and has also been shared on Twitter. On social media, fans have praised Barrymore for how excited she got when she found the window.

“The joy you are getting from all of this is so sweet!!!,” one person commented on her TikTok, while another wrote: “I’m laughing cuz crying over a window is the cutest thing ever!!”


Part 2 of the renovation and I had some serious discoveries.💡

♬ original sound - Drew Barrymore

A third person on Twitter added: “I love her SO MUCH bc girlie is living life and seems genuinely so enamoured with the positives in her life. It’s honestly so joyous to see and I literally wish her every happiness.”

However, other fans claimed that she could have noticed the window from the outside of the building and questioned why she got so emotional about it.

“It’s almost like you could’ve walked the perimeter of the building and saw that there was a window there,” one wrote.

“But wouldn’t she know there was a window from looking from the outside,” another asked.

A third person wrote: “Why would this make anyone cry??? Let alone someone like Drew who likely owns multiple homes. Weird.”

Barrymore has previously opened up about living in New York City and the importance of having a home. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in May 2021 for Oprah’s Your Life in Focus series, Barrymore noted how she had moved so her children, Olive, nine, and Frankie, eight, could be closer to their father and her ex-husband, Will Kopelman.

When the television host decided to leave Los Angeles, California, and sell her house of 20 years, she confessed that it felt like she was giving up on a “dream”.

“It was the home I built for myself. I’d had it for 20 years. It was the home I swore would be my kids,” she explained. “It was as hard as the divorce itself... I was doubling down on the giving up of the dream.”

However, the Drew Barrymore Show host still acknowledged the importance of co-parenting with Kopelman and feeling at home wherever she lives, as long as she’s with her children.

“I’ve now figured out what the definition of home is. It’s wherever we are, it’s wherever I am with my kids,” she added.