Drier Weather And Warmer Temperatures This Week

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- Meteorologist Lauren Whitney here covering Colorado's weather first tonight. Rain finally letting up a bit, or what?

LAUREN WHITNEY: In some areas, it's still pretty heavy in others. So we're not totally done with all of this wet weather just yet. And while all the wet weather is such a great thing, like Chris just talked about, it can be very scary in some areas as well, where it's-- we have those burn scars and we've already had flooding in some areas.

So around the Denver area, eastern plains for the most part wrapped up a little bit of rain between Burlington and Lamar right now. Heading into the Denver area, we still have some light scattered showers all the way from Boulder down towards Conifer. Also on the south side of town, Highlands Ranch you're still getting a little bit of light rain as well.

But it's southern Colorado where we're seeing the most of this right now. It is so good to see this rain near Alamosa and the San Luis Valley. This is the area where the drought is really bad, and we do have that heavy, heavy rain near Walsenburg, with even that, you can see starting to break up just a little bit, and there's even still some snow in parts of those mountains as well.

Because of that heavy rainfall, we do still have a flash flood watch in place for Southern Colorado through 10:00 tonight. So flooding will be an issue, even still tonight.

Let's check in with our Futurecast for tonight. We still have a ways to go with this rain sticking around with us. It may even still stick around through early tomorrow morning for southeastern Colorado, but we should wake up to sunshine here in Denver tomorrow morning and the front range.

Few clouds throughout the afternoon, we'll start to get a chance of rain, probably right after lunch hour, around 1:00 o'clock we have some thunderstorms as we head towards Boulder and Fort Collins. And a couple of those pass through the Denver area, some head out toward the southeastern plains. Western Colorado, you guys should stay dry tomorrow and you'll notice that rain wasn't nearly as widespread. But it definitely was out there.

And looking at our precipitation, so far, this month what we saw this weekend officially out of DIA was 7/10 of an inch. So it puts our total so far this year at just about 10 and 1/2 inches. We have not got an update from DIA, from what they saw earlier today. So we're awaiting that.

And looking at some of our rain totals from our weather watchers, just about 2 inches for Franktown, Brush, Fort Collins, and Southwest Denver, about an inch and 3/10 for a lot of those areas. And looking at our almanac for today, 61 our high today in Denver, 59 here downtown. Below normal, it's actually been a below normal month for us.

A couple of calendars for you today. We've had 18 days below normal, only 12 days above. So again it's been a fairly cool May for us. We're going to have warmer temperatures though as we get into early June.

Right now, 60 in Denver, 62 in Fort Collins, 60s out east, 40s to the 60s in the high country, we have 65 from our weather watcher, Bob Lockard in Glenwood Springs. He said he's had sunshine to start the day, then a cloudy day, but no rain over there.

Low to mid 40s for the Front Range and most of the Eastern plains, tonight, 30s in the high country. Tomorrow, we jump up a bit. 71 in Denver and Boulder, 73 in Fort Collins, 60s, 70s, out east, 60s 70s in the high country, 70s 80s off to the West, and we'll be in the 80s here in Denver by Thursday.

It will be much drier on Thursday and Friday. Still have a couple of isolated thunderstorms possible on Wednesday.

- It's going to be nice not to feel like we're in London.

LAUREN WHITNEY: Yeah. It'll be a little less Seattle around here.

- Sounds great. All right, thanks, Lauren. Well the goal--