Dripping Springs Library providing safety glasses to students for April eclipse

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas — A total solar eclipse will be upon us in a few months, and students in Dripping Springs will be able to experience it with eclipse safety glasses provided by the community library.

According to the City of Dripping Springs, the city is in “the direct path of the eclipse,” which everyone can experience on April 8.

The solar eclipse will begin around 12:16 p.m., and the full eclipse begins at 1:34 p.m. During that time, Dripping Springs will be in total darkness for three minutes. This is when “the moon’s disk completely blocks the sun,” a city release from Thursday read.

The city helped launch a community eclipse task force back in August 2022 to help prepare for the event, city officials said in the release. The city added the safety of its residents has been a main focus of the task force, as well as educational opportunities related to the eclipse.

The task force gained a sponsorship with the Dripping Springs Community Library to support its community education efforts. Students will also learn when they can safely remove their glasses and when they need to put them back on.

“For example, many may not know that when the sun is completely blocked and in its totality, you can remove your glasses for those 3 minutes,” said Lisa Sullivan — People and Communications Director for the city and a co-chairperson of the community task force — in the release. “But the second the sun starts to show again after those 3 minutes, glasses need to be put back on.”

The city said schools will be closed April 8 due to the timing of the eclipse.

In addition to providing students with safety glasses, the task force will sell glasses to residents, businesses and visitors, city officials said.

Community residents can buy the glasses at City Hall, 511 Mercer Street, or online at the Dripping Springs eclipse website.

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