Can you drive 10 mph over the speed limit to keep up with traffic? Here’s what Georgia law allows

In Georgia, there is an “absolute speed limit” law, prohibiting Georgia drivers from going too fast in school zones, residential areas, unpaved roads and on highways.

If you are caught speeding at any capacity, chances are you will get pulled over by law enforcement.

But what if you were only speeding a little bit in order to keep up with traffic? Here’s what the law in Georgia says about that:

What happens if you go 10 mph over the speed limit?

It is essentially up to the police officer’s judgment when ticketing drivers.

Even if you were caught speeding just a small amount, it could still get you in trouble.

However, most officers allow for a margin of error when speeding and 5 mph over the limit typically doesn’t warrant getting pulled over or ticketed.

But 10 mph over is a different story.

According to Georgia law, anyone speeding between 5 and 10 mph is breaking the law and could get a ticket that costs up to $25, no matter the excuse. Over 10 mph, you could be paying a fine of up to $100.

Georgia speed limits

If you need a refresher on the basic state speed limits, here’s a cheat sheet:

  • Urban or residential district or street: 30 MPH

  • Unpaved country roads: 35 MPH

  • Interstate with physically divided highways: 70 MPH

  • Interstate in urban area with population under 50,000: 65 MPH

  • State divided highway without full access control: 65 MPH

  • School zones: 20 MPH

  • All other roadways: 55 MPH

It’s important to note that some counties and cities may also have different speed limits, so be on the lookout for speed limit signs.

Georgia speeding penalties

Most of the time, law enforcement will give you a warning or write you a ticket for speeding. Here are the fines associated with speeding:

  • 5 MPH or less: No fine.

  • 5-10 MPH: $25

  • 10-14 MPH: $100

  • 14-19 MPH: $125

  • 19-24 MPH: $150

  • 24-34 MPH: $500

If you are driving faster than 85 mph, you’ll probably be getting a super speeder ticket which will cost around $200, plus additional fees. A judge may also order you to complete a driving course.

Other penalties include points on your license if you are going 15 mph or more over the speed limit.

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