Drive-thru Food Giveaway Helps Families In Costa Mesa

The free event happens every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Video Transcript

JOY BENEDICT: It is very busy, Amy, as folks have been out here before this event even started at 7:00 AM lining up. You can see what they're doing over here behind us. They are simply pulling up. And without question, without anything, they just put food in the back of their cars. It is certainly something that so many families have been in need of for quite some time.

And I want to bring in Andre Roberson with Power of One. Thanks so much for joining us here. Here, let me get on this side here. We're all-- we're not coordinated I guess tell me-- I know you guys have been doing this all year long. Have you seen the need decrease or increase during this time?

ANDRE ROBERSON: The need has not decreased. And also, too, this USDA program is ending at the end of this month. And so a lot of us are wondering, OK, what's on the other side of this? Because yeah. We're starting to open the country up. But there's still a great need out here for food and housing.

JOY BENEDICT: Especially-- I've been talking to a lot of people online. And one thing they point out is that the prices are going up for groceries as well. And that puts them in even worse of predicament.

ANDRE ROBERSON: Absolutely. I mean, not only is food going up, gas is going up. And when you need to go into a store and get a piece of chicken and a chicken's costing you $3-- a whole chicken is costing you $15-- you know, it takes foundations like ours that get donations from major corporations to be able to put this food into the community with partners like IKEA.

JOY BENEDICT: And tell me this. How many boxes of food have you guys managed to give away through the last year?

ANDRE ROBERSON: Oh, we've been able to give away at least over 2 and 1/2 million boxes.

JOY BENEDICT: I know a lot of need for that. And I know you wanted to bring in someone else. IKEA's--


JOY BENEDICT: --been a strong partner for you guys.


JOY BENEDICT: Vanessa with IKEA, thank you also for joining us. I know it's not only about food. There's a lot of families in need of diapers. And you guys have really chipped in for that. Why is it so important for IKEA to be a partner here?

- You know, I think it's really amazing that we get to be a part of our local community and support. And it's really important for us to be a good neighbor and to really give back to those in need.

And Power of One Foundation came to us a year ago saying, we have a need. It was the start of the pandemic. And we automatically just said, yes, absolutely. Let's do this. And it's been a year long partnership.

And it's really important for people to know that organizations like ours-- you know, large corporations-- are here for their community. And it isn't just about retail. It's also about how we serve the people that live in this area. So it's been very important to us.

JOY BENEDICT: I think former first lady Michelle Obama said just that a couple of days ago. Corporations have to continue to help, especially when you're dealing with food insecurity. But again, they do this every Saturday-- 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM out here.

And as you can see, despite the fact that things are opening up, despite the fact that more jobs are becoming available, there is still a very strong need, not only in this community, but every community here in Southern California. And you can really see it by those folks here in line today. I'll send it back to you, Amy.

- All right, Joy. Thank you so much. Well, if you're confused about the new mask guidance--