New drive-thru vaccination site opens in Marin Co.

The Larkspur drive-thru site was able to vaccinate 400 people Sunday. They hope to ramp up to 2,000 doses per day, as long as they can get the supply.

Video Transcript

- One issue we focus on in our commitment to help build a better Bay Area is your health. That includes the COVID-19 vaccination effort, which is ramping up in the Bay Area. North Bay residents are lining up in their cars today to get that long awaited COVID-19 vaccine, as a new drive-thru clinic opened in Larkspur. ABC 7 News Reporter Cornell Barnard joins us there live right now. And Cornell, does this mean they are getting more vaccine shipments here?

CORNELL BARNARD: Hey, Dion. Yes, Marin County says vaccine supply is increasing week by week. One reason why this drive-through clinic is now open here in the Larkspur Ferry Terminal parking lot. Starting today, shots are being given from 11 AM to 7 PM, by appointment, and folks couldn't be happier.

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CORNELL BARNARD: The wait was finally over for Teri Balick.

TERI BALICK: I'm excited.

CORNELL BARNARD: She was first in line Sunday at a new drive-thru COVID vaccine clinic at the Larkspur ferry terminal .

TERI BALICK: I live by myself, so I've been super paranoid. I didn't want to get sick. You can see, I've got 50 masks and hand-sanitizers, and shields.

CORNELL BARNARD: This clinic, by appointment only. Pfizer vaccine doses were being put into the arms of Marin County residents ages 65 and older.

GARI GIESEN: I've been waiting. I'm 66 and a half. So I just thought Oh, I should get it.

DOMINIQUE MEYNARD: This is my fourth try.

CORNELL BARNARD: Dominique Meynard said she's been at the mercy of vaccine supply.

DOMINIQUE MEYNARD: I did some walk-ins, and they weren't doing it. Or waited, no more vaccine. So we're keeping our fingers crossed.

CORNELL BARNARD: Vaccine shipments have been delayed by extreme weather across the nation, some appointments canceled or postponed. But supply is slowly catching up.

LAINE HENDRICKS: The fact that we're able to open the site is a good indication that the supply is increasing week to week. It's also a sign that we will be able to open more tiers very soon.

CORNELL BARNARD: Starting Monday, Sonoma County is expanding its vaccine reach. Folks 65 and older, including restaurant and grocery store workers, are eligible for a shot. When you can schedule an appointment still depends on supply. Officials say a 5,000 dose shipment of the Moderna vaccine is expected Monday or Tuesday. Back in Larkspur, Gary Giessen is one step closer to feeling more confident.

GARI GIESEN: It's a sense of relief actually. You know, I'm just looking forward to my second shot.

CORNELL BARNARD: We're told the appointments are now booked through next Thursday. On its first day, this clinic had a goal of 250 vaccinations. But this afternoon they opened up 150 more appointments to bring in more traffic. Soon they hope to vaccinate 2000 people a day. Live in Larkspur, Cornell Bernard. ABC 7 News.