Driver crashes into home, flees scene on Staten Island

Police on Staten Island are investigating a hit and run after a couple awoke to a loud bang and found a hole in the front of their home.

Video Transcript

- All new this half hour. A rude awakening for a family in Staten Island. A car slammed into their home in the middle of the night leaving a gaping hole in the house.

- And then that driver took off. Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charlesworth is live in the Willowbrook section with the very latest, Michelle.

MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH: This was so wild. This happened late at night or early in the morning. 12:30 in the morning it was loud, it was violent, and it was scary. This is what it sounded like.


MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH: There are a lot of observant Jewish families here. People were up, they were awake for the holiday around 12:30 this morning. This is the Willowbrook section, and we are at the intersection of Fields Avenue and Ismay Street. A light-colored 2020 Honda Pilot was the SUV that was involved. The driver hit the gas [INAUDIBLE] just floored the vehicle into this home. After the crash he took off, but he did leave his license plate, fell off in the crash. He had been driving down Ismay Street and ran the stop sign to hit the home. Because this couple has lived here for 35 years and because it was so violent, and this is a holiday, they were to home at the time, they are certainly shaken by what happened.

The homeowner did not want to give his name or go on camera, but this is what he said. Do you think this was drunk driving? A stolen car? I understand it was a gray--

- Intentional.


- I don't know by whom, but definitely intentional. Now, was he drunk or crazy? I don't know, but definitely intentional.

MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH: Sad to hear that he says he decided upon that after seeing the surveillance video and what happened. Again, the license plate was left at the scene after the crash, and the driver took off. Police are investigating. The fire department shored up the house literally minutes after this happened with 4*4's. So you can see behind me in the garage that is what is holding up the house and specifically the kitchen. Still under investigation.