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Driver Finds 2 Wheel Drive Not As Good As 4 Wheel In A Colorado Snowstorm

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CDOT plows are working on keeping the highway clear, but visibility is low due to blowing snow. One driver described to CBS4 getting stuck on the interstate.

Video Transcript

ASHTON ALTIERI: About 10 inches there in the Conifer area. Other locations in the foothills have had even more than that. And this is a cool picture of the horses out and about down in Parker. I want to thank our viewer Kathleen down that way for sending in that great picture.

You can see the snow that's continuing to fall on the Front Range and up into the foothills, out on the Eastern Plains as well. And somebody who I know is in the foothills right now is our Justin Adams. Every time we go back to him, he's just dealing with more and more snow over there. So let's check in with Justin. It looks like it's still falling-- well, it looks like it's coming in sideways now, Justin.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Yeah, it is coming in sideways. I feel like Superman. I could just fly sideways to where the snow is blowing. And it's blowing very, very hard as well, which is a great reminder, Ashton, as you just told us, to be sure to be careful. Earlier this morning, I-70 was closed. Actually, late last night it was closed. It reopened this morning. And as you can see with the traffic, it is moving slowly, has been light traffic throughout the day. The snowplows have been out. But even with that being said, visibility is very, very low because of the blowing snow.

Now, if you're not familiar with Colorado, make sure that you have the right equipment, and the right vehicle as well. I want to take you to some video from early this morning where a family from Orlando, Florida, they came up here, they wanted to go to Breckenridge. And they wanted to go and ski. They pulled off on the side of the road. They just wanted to go use the restroom, and they ended up getting stuck.

Their truck was stuck. It was a two-wheel drive, not a four-wheel drive truck. And because it wasn't four-wheel, they wasn't able to push theirselves out. Had to go and help them out. Couldn't do that as well. So they had to literally get a rope from the authorities to help pull them out so they could get up to their destination. And, well, Mother Nature teaching us all that you got to make sure you're prepared if you want to go through the mountains.

- Oh we're heading up there, Breckenridge, do some skiing. The girls had to use the restroom. And we couldn't make it up the hill with the two-wheel drive truck. So we backed up and he put it in the ditch. [LAUGHS]

JUSTIN ADAMS: Before I let you go, what advice would you give to other people who, if this their first time driving in the snow, what advice would you give them?

- If you're going to rent a vehicle, make sure it's four-wheel drive, not two-wheel. [LAUGHS] Other than that, hey, this is-- you know, this is what it's about, so.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Now, luckily they have a memory that will last a lifetime. They were able to go get up safely. But again, it is a great reminder that if you do come up to the mountains, make sure you have the right vehicle. And you know what? If you want to go skiing today and you don't have a four-wheel drive car, it could be better off for you just to wait till next week or for you to rent a four-by-four vehicle to make sure that you get up the mountains and get up there safely.

In Genesee, Justin Adams, CBS in Denver.

ASHTON ALTIERI: Yeah, four wheels definitely better than two in this kind of weather. Justin, thanks.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Ooh, buddy.

ASHTON ALTIERI: Thanks so much.