Driver flies through sunroof, is trapped by 3,600-pound car. Video shows heroic rescue

Screengrab from the Lawrenceville Police Department's video on Facebook

A driver flew through a sunroof and got stuck under a 3,600 pound car — then came a “heroic” rescue in Georgia, officials said.

The 19-year-old driver struggled to breathe as he became trapped, with his head “squeezed in between the vehicle and the roadway,” according to the Lawrenceville Police Department.

“He’s up under the car,” one person can be heard saying in a nearly 3-minute video police shared Sept. 18 on Facebook.

That’s when the department’s officers jumped into action with the help of good Samaritans. Video shows the group lifting part of the car off the road to try to free the crushed driver.

Fortunately, the group was eventually able to raise “the vehicle high enough for the driver to get pulled out.” The driver had several injuries and went to a hospital, officials said.

The rescue was reported Sept. 13 in the Lawrenceville area, roughly 30 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. Officers said they spotted a car speeding before it was found crashed, with its wheels in the air and the driver stuck beneath.

“The actions of the four officers and the good Samaritans likely saved his life,” police said.

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