A driver heard a ‘weird noise’ in the car — then Florida cops found it. And it was alive

Putnam County Sheriff's Office

Talk about car trouble.

A poor little kitten got somehow stuck inside a tire in Palatka, Florida, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

In a Facebook post titled “Is that a cat in your tire?” a picture shows the unfortunate creature wedged tightly inside the wheel. It’s unclear why the animal took refuge there.

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The agency says that on Friday afternoon cops were alerted by a driver who heard a “weird noise” coming from somewhere in the vehicle.

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“When they looked under the car they found a small scaredy cat that was too petrified to come out,” said the sheriff’s office in a statement. “Our fleet manager came to the rescue and at a speed that could rival a NASCAR pit crew got the tire off safely and pulled the calico out.”

A spokesperson for the PCSO said the car had been in motion before the calico kitten, most likely female, was discovered.

“There’s no way to tell if he/she was in another part underneath and when they stopped that was where he/she hid,” said the police statement provided to the Miami Herald on Monday. “The car was at Publix and where they stopped was several miles from the store.”

The kitten, nicknamed “Trooper,” was brought to the local animal control, which confirmed receipt of the calico.

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