Driver Killed After Car Careens Into Paramount Home

A driver was killed after a car slammed into a home in Paramount in the early morning hours Tuesday.

Video Transcript

DEMARCO MORGAN: Breaking news in Paramount where one person is dead after a driver lost control and slammed into a home. CBS 2's, Kara Finnstrom, is live on Downey Avenue and Harrison Street where we can see some of that damage right there behind you. Kara, good morning.

KARA FINNSTROM: Good morning, DeMarco. Sadly, the person who was driving that car was killed by the impact. It appears they were traveling along Downey Avenue, lost control for some reason, and then the car completely flipped. Behind us, you can see that the car has now been uprighted by that tow truck driver that just arrived here. But take a look. I mean, you can see it was completely crushed by the impact.

And just behind it, that house is where the car actually bounced. It slammed into the side and then bounced back into the yard just causing a lot of damage, both to the house and to that car. We have some sobering video we want to show you taken a short while ago as a coroner took away the driver's body.

Firefighters say, they found him trapped inside the car. They were able to get him out, but could do nothing to save him. At this point, we don't know his name, his age, or what led up to all of this.

There were people inside the house. Fortunately, none of them were hurt. They have left because of all the damage to the home. We know electrical, gas, and building and safety crews were all called out to make sure the structure is safe. All of this happened shortly after 1:00 o'clock this morning, and sheriff investigators have been out here since gathering evidence. DeMarco, Suzanne, trying to figure out exactly what happened here, and we will bring you updates as we get them.

DEMARCO MORGAN: It is awful there. All right, Kara, thank you very much.