Driver Killed After Careening Into Hancock Park Home, Sparking Fire; Street Racing May Be To Blame

Street racing may be to blame after a driver was killed when a car slammed into a home in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles late Thursday night, sparking a fire.

Video Transcript

- To our top story. We start with breaking news in Hancock Park where a car slammed into a home, killing the driver. Street racing may be to blame. It happened on Rimpau Boulevard near 3rd Street. And CBS2's Tina Patel is live this morning at the scene with the latest on this story. Tina, good morning to you.

TINA PATEL: Good morning, DeMarco. They just towed away the car that was involved in the deadly crash. When it slammed into the home on the other side of the trees behind me, it burst into flames. Take a look at this video. It all happened around 11:30 last night. Police tell us the driver of this Mercedes sports car was speeding down 3rd Street, possibly racing another car, when he lost control, hit a curb, went airborne, and came down against a tree next to the garage of the home on the corner. The car, tree, and home all caught on fire.

Now the family in that home was able to get out safely and crews came and eventually got the fire out. But the driver of the Mercedes did not survive. Based on skid marks and what witnesses have said, police say the car may have been going in excess of 90 miles an hour at the time. A friend of the driver says this crash should be a wake up call for anyone that thinks about racing.

JOEY FITTZ: Engine's gone from the car. The whole car doesn't even have the paint anymore. The whole house is damn near burnt down. What else do people need to see to understand that you've got to slow down? You can't take life for granted.

TINA PATEL: Now friends would only identify the driver as a guy named Danny. They say he was 19 or 20 years old. They are heartbroken over this. As for the home, it has been yellow-tagged. Firefighters say there is some concern about the structure of the garage after that fire. I'll send it back to you.