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Driver In LSD Road Rage Incident Speak Out

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The man driving the car carrying 21-month old Kayden Swann is clearing up his relationship to the boy, and why he thinks there is misinformation coming from the boy's family targeting him. CBS2's Chris Tye reports.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: With that we say good Friday afternoon. I'm Brad Edwards.

IRIKA SARGENT: And I'm Irika Sargent. Right now, for the first time, we're hearing from the driver of a car carrying a little boy critically injured during a road rage shooting on Lake Shore Drive.

BRAD EDWARDS: Yeah, he spoke to our Chris Tye, who's live at Lurie Children's Hospital, where the one-year-old boy remains in the ICU. Chris.

CHRIS TYE: Brad, Irika, Jushawn Brown says he did everything he could to de-escalate the situation on Tuesday when that other driver came up alongside his vehicle, brandished a weapon, and then started firing at the car. Brown was driving with his girlfriend in the passenger seat and her grandson in the backseat. Brown says all he did was shout to the other driver, hey, the lanes are merging. And with that, the scariest one minute of his life began.

JUSHAWN BROWN: I just want to say, Kayden Swann, I love you. I just want you to get better, man.

CHRIS TYE: 30 seconds before this crash-- 1.3 miles south, to be exact-- Jushawn Brown knew there was trouble.

JUSHAWN BROWN: And took this gun out the window like this. That's how I know what kind of gun he had. It was a Glock 9, long-nosed.

CHRIS TYE: A Toyota SUV driver with Michigan plates brandished his weapon, shouted, chased, then began shooting.

JUSHAWN BROWN: I had a plan. So as soon as Columbus light turned green, I was going to jet to the next lane and get away from him. He jetted right behind me and started shooting five times behind me.

CHRIS TYE: The two cars were simultaneously merging into the same lane in a construction zone near Soldier Field. With his girlfriend's grandson in the backseat, he tried again to get away and end it.

JUSHAWN BROWN: He saw I was gonna try to get away. So I hit the gas even harder, and that's when he shot like that more times. And then that's when I heard the window shatter.

CHRIS TYE: Kayden was shot in the temple. His grandmother in the passenger seat reacting instantly.

JUSHAWN BROWN: Put pressure on my grandbaby's head.

CHRIS TYE: The SUV got away. A Good Samaritan picked them up to take them to the hospital, where Kayden remains an hour-by-hour case. In the days since, Brown presented himself as the boy's grandfather.

JUSHAWN BROWN: What about the familial relationship? Is that your biological grandson?

CHRIS TYE: No, it's not. Kayden take to me so much. I can't move, I can't go to the shower, I can't take a bath, I can't do nothing without Kayden wanting to be with me.

JUSHAWN BROWN: Also, he is aware that his girlfriend's family has said he did fire his weapon, escalating the situation, even though prosecutors say he did not.

CHRIS TYE: So at no point did you fire a weapon?

JUSHAWN BROWN: No, no point. No point at all.

CHRIS TYE: So when the family's implying that you did, that's--

JUSHAWN BROWN: Totally a lie. I don't understand, why would she even do that?

CHRIS TYE: So why would they make this up? This is your girlfriend, right?

JUSHAWN BROWN: Yeah, apparently not. So we're gonna leave it at that. She's always have done this type of stuff. We've been together for 12 years. So she always get in the petty mode.

CHRIS TYE: Brown was arrested on a felony weapons charge, because when police took him in for questioning here at Lurie's on Tuesday, he had a weapon on him that was not registered. The judge allowed him out on bond yesterday because he said, in his estimation, he was not the aggressor in that case on Tuesday, and the prosecutor said he never did fire that weapon. So he is out on bond. It is unclear if police have a suspect of who was behind the wheel of that SUV. There have been no arrests on that front.

By the way, we asked Kayden's family to comment on Brown's comments today. They were unavailable. Live at Lurie Children's Hospital, Chris Tye, CBS 2 News.