Driver pulls over to check noises coming from engine and finds ‘joyriding’ stowaways

A driver pulled over on an Arizona highway after she heard noises coming from under her car’s hood.

When she took a look, she found two “joyriding kittens.”

The woman was driving along Interstate 10 on Aug. 14 in Phoenix when she heard meowing and decided to stop, the Arizona Department of Public Safety said in a Facebook post.

“Turns out that purring sound wasn’t coming from the engine!” troopers said in the post.

It was two fuzzy kittens both uninjured.

A trooper and a roadside motorist assistant took her tire off so her husband could pull the kittens out.

Now the cute cats are going home with the couple, troopers said.

“Aww so cute and such a great happy ending for those kittens,” one person commented.

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