Driver runs over officer after ramming patrol car during chase, Alabama police say

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Street View image from November 2021. © 2023 Google

An Alabama police officer and a suspect both ended up hospitalized after an early-morning car chase turned into a demolition derby, according to the Jacksonville Police Department.

The officer was injured when he was struck by the suspect’s Dodge Charger, and the suspect was wounded when the officer shot at him, police said in a news release.

Both survived, officials said.

It happened Saturday, March 18, and began around 2 a.m. when patrol cars with the Weaver Police Department started chasing a 22-year-old driver who fled a traffic stop, officials said.

The chase eventually entered the city of Jacksonville, 6.5 miles north, prompting Jacksonville police to join the pursuit.

“Police caught up to the fleeing vehicle near the 5000 block of Alexandria-Jacksonville Highway. The suspect turned his car around and rammed a Jacksonville squad car head-on, before backing up to try again,” Jacksonville police said.

“The officer exited his vehicle and drew his firearm in an attempt to halt the suspect, who then hit the officer with his car. The suspect pulled back to make another attempt, and the officer fired a single shot.”

The driver, identified as Broderick Javon Vines, was wounded and the car stopped, officials said.

Both men were taken to a hospital and have since been discharged, officials said.

Vines, who lives in Anniston, Alabama, has been charged with attempted murder, officials said.

The identity of the officer had not been released as of March 20.

Jacksonville is about 75 miles northeast of Birmingham.

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