Driver Says She Paid Red Light Ticket But Is Still Being Penalized By The City Of Chicago

A Chicago woman says she paid her red light camera ticket, but the city sent a collection agent after her anyway.

Video Transcript

- A warning if you're caught by a Chicago red light camera. We've had a woman who paid her ticket, but the city sent a collection agent after her anyway. Now our Tara Molina is going after answers. Tara? She just doesn't want to lose her license.

TARA MOLINA: Brad, that's what's on the line here. Dawn [? Clock ?] says all of this is a city delay. She got her ticket in the mail. She started paying it, and it didn't show up in the online system for months. Holstead and 99th. This is where the light flashed.

DAWN KLOC: Like, Oh no!

TARA MOLINA: And Dawn Kloc had her oh no! moment.

DAWN KLOC: Make sure you always stop at a red light.

TARA MOLINA: Caught on camera, it's a mistake she says she's paid for in full. But months later, the city of Chicago is coming after her anyway.

DAWN KLOC: My ticket's been paid and I'm being penalized.

TARA MOLINA: Sent to collections by the city.

DAWN KLOC: But how can you put somebody in collections when they made their payments?

TARA MOLINA: Now paying for this in time and frustration, too. Dawn told me virtually on her lunch break she's tried reaching city departments over the phone, via email, and mail.

DAWN KLOC: Nobody contacts you. The only time they do this by mail to send you another fine.

TARA MOLINA: She says she sent notes with each check she sent in paying her ticket.

DAWN KLOC: When I went online, the notice number was not on there.

TARA MOLINA: Since she says she couldn't pay online.

DAWN KLOC: So I proceeded to make three payments and my notice number was still not in there.

TARA MOLINA: Now Dawn claims the city wants more money from her for what she calls their mistake. She says she sent three checks over the course of a month, paying her ticket in full. But now the city is penalizing her for paying in installments without setting up a payment plan online, something she says she couldn't do since her ticket wasn't in the system.

DAWN KLOC: She goes, oh, I see that you made your payments, but now you're in collections.

TARA MOLINA: We reached out to the city for answers. A spokesperson for the Department of Finance who handles fines, payments, and collections denied these issues are widespread, telling me they're not aware of any glitches online and they continue to offer motorists affordable payment plans with extended terms. But Dawn says she's still waiting on the callback she was promised.

DAWN KLOC: There is nobody in the city that will help you or work with you.

TARA MOLINA: We just heard from Dawn. She's happy to report she got a call from the city because of the requests we've made today, and they're working with her right now. She said she's been told they'll remove those penalty fees. Reporting live outside City Hall, I'm Tara Molina. CBS 2 News.

- All right, we'll certainly follow up, make sure they do. Tara Molina, good work. Thank you.