Drivers Attacked In Carrollton Road Rage Incident

Robbie Owens reports.

Video Transcript

- Road rage taken to a level, honestly, hard to comprehend. This is Carrollton. Police still tonight looking for answers after, today, a man appears to initiate a chain collision crash, only then to violently attack other drivers, even those who simply stopped to help. Our Robbie Owens spoke with a witness. And fair warning, the cell phone video is disturbing.

ROBBIE OWENS: Dennis McCullough was zipping along in the I-35 express lanes last week when he found himself in a chain collision crash, a vehicle up ahead suddenly braking for no apparent reason.

DENNIS MCCULLOUGH: When I came to, it was one of those situations like, wow, did this just happen?

ROBBIE OWENS: But the roadside display of out-of-control rage was about to get much worse. According to Carrollton Police, 26-year-old Dillon Stoffregen caused the crash and then stabbed two other drivers after they exited their vehicles.

DENNIS MCCULLOUGH: When they came back in my line of sight, they were tussling, and one of them had a knife. And I said, oh, OK, I need to capture this just in case it turns in a different direction.

ROBBIE OWENS: Trapped in his crushed vehicle, recording the attack was all McCullough could do.

DENNIS MCCULLOUGH: This is going from bad to worse because I'm seeing the stabbing taking place, and I'm seeing them struggling. And I see the other guy fighting, jumped in. And then I also saw one of them had a gun. I said, this is not good.

- Hey, watch out! He got his gun out!

ROBBIE OWENS: Even now, Carrollton Police say they still don't have all the answers.

DENNIS MCCULLOUGH: He had to have had some training because it was three against one, and he came out on top. And it could have been his rage still going.

ROBBIE OWENS: What would you say to him, if you could?

DENNIS MCCULLOUGH: Why? Why did-- why did this accident occur? Why did you escalate it into a fight? And what caused you to be so mad at the other two drivers?

ROBBIE OWENS: McCullough also saddened by what could have been.

DENNIS MCCULLOUGH: And just a month and a half ago, my wife was in a bad car accident, where a guy ran a red light and hit her. I look at it where my children could have lost two parents in two months, in less than two months.


DENNIS MCCULLOUGH: Yes, ma'am, by God.

ROBBIE OWENS: Robbie Owens, "CBS 11 News."

- The driver, by the way, who initiated the crash has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Bail is currently set at $55,000.