Some drivers frustrated, saying resurfacing project on SR 48 in Centerville damaged their car

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Some drivers are frustrated with a resurfacing project on State Route 48 in Centerville after they say it damaged their cars.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is working on repaving State Route 48 between Sheehan Road and Franklin Street.

News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis spoke with a local repair shop that said it has helped a half-dozen drivers with tire damage from driving on this stretch of road.

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Washington Township resident Laura Williams, who was driving that stretch on Monday, said she noticed manholes that were three to four inches higher than normal. She said she hit one of the holes, which destroyed a wheel and tire on her car.

It’s going to cost her at least $400, but she plans to file a claim.

“Thankfully it didn’t hurt my suspension or anything else but I almost wrecked my car. I could’ve hit another car. I could’ve gone off the road and then even you know more unnecessary damage in my opinion. I just want it paid for,” Williams said.

News Center 7 reached out to the Ohio Department of Transportation. They provided the following statement:

“Milling down the pavement around manholes as part of a resurfacing project is common practice. Unfortunately, weather delayed the contractor from being able to re-pave the section of roadway on schedule. This resulted in two vehicles that had flat tires. In line with our long-standing process, those drivers can file the damage claim through ODOT and then we will put them in touch with the contractor.”

Some drivers have been posting complaints on Centerville’s Facebook page, and the city is referring them to ODOT to file a claim.

The state says the project will be completed by the end of the month.