Drivers travel as gas prices decrease on busy Labor Day weekend

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It is the busiest Labor Day weekend on the road in three years, according to AAA.

The Auto Club says a survey found about a third of Americans traveled this holiday weekend. And drivers found the cheapest gas of the summer.

FOX13 spoke to drivers about what has some on the road.

Many people said that with gas prices starting to ease off this Labor Day weekend, they are getting out and traveling more.

”Well, I am seeing the price is down, and it ain’t as bad as it was back when it was up, and we can ride a little further and save a few dollars now,” Billy Williams of Abbeville, Mississippi, said.

Williams said that a few months ago when gas was much higher, he was thinking about parking it.

However, in the Magnolia State, gas has dropped almost $1.25 since it set an all-time high in mid-June.

”Shoot. I dang well near had to park my car and get a bicycle, but we ain’t got to get a bicycle now,” Williams said.

In fact, Mississippi has some of the cheapest gas in the country.

A gallon of regular unleaded costs about $3.28.

The only places it’s cheaper are Arkansas and Texas, where it’s less than $3.27 a gallon.

”Yeah, they are down, but they need to go down on the prices and keep them down for a bit,” Johnny Webb of Oxford said.

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