Drivers traveling for Memorial Day Weekend, even with high gas prices

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FOX13 talked to people that said they are traveling this Memorial Day no matter how high gas prices are.

Roger Short of Alabama was searching for the lowest gas as he traveled to Missouri.

“Cheapest I have found so far is $3.97 a gallon in Mississippi between here and New Albany, and I have seen it $4.29 also here it’s $4.19 so...not going to stop we have grandchildren we are going to go see them,” Short said.

Natalin Woods of Hernando said she had family coming to see her.

”Yeah, they are coming here from Chicago all over. And we will be in Hernando, Mississippi, tomorrow, so making everyone else do the driving,” Woods said.

The National Safety Council said as many as 450 people could die on the nation’s roadways.

Jennifer Carroll of Nashville said that concerns her.

”Well, just gotta be cautious, just pay a little more attention. I know we get distracted whatever, but we really do need to pay attention to the road and drive defensively basically,” Carroll said.

”Slow it down. It is simple just slow down. You know that is all you need to do,” Gene Baltz of Memphis said.

Some people in the Mid-South said they were not letting their tanks run low due to the cost of filling all the way up.

”A half a tank because if it is any lower because it costs way too much to fill it back up. Did you know that if you run out of gas on the interstate, TDOT will give you a gallon of gas to get to the next exit?” Odell Mackey of Oakland, Tennessee, said.

”I never like to ride all the way on E because you are sucking up fumes and sucking up trash and trash. I try to ride with nothing but trash I don’t like trash, so that’s why. Did you know that TDOT, if you run out of gas on the interstate, will give you a gallon of gas to get to the next exit? I had no idea about that,” Ricardo Webster of Memphis said.

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