Driving just above the speed limit on DFW highways? Might as well be standing still

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Freeways? More like free-for-alls

Driving in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has become scarier by the day. As one drives our freeways at or slightly above the posted speed limit, other drivers swerve lane to lane, going 20 to 30 mph faster.

It appears nothing is being done to patrol these dangerous drivers.

Tami Polenz, Euless

Kids’ safety has to be No. 1 goal

I welcomed your front-page story Dec. 16 about how roads and sidewalks are not sufficient for rapid growth in northwest Fort Worth. (“Fast growth puts kids at risk walking on Fort Worth roads”)

Where are our tax dollars going? This has always been a problem, and it has been exacerbated by the construction of new homes and businesses in the area. The city and developers must work together to make sure that community members, and especially our Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD students, are safe when walking or driving to and from work or school.

Some traffic lights have been helpful, but the sidewalks are the top priority for our students’ safety.

- Yipsi Schulz Flores, Fort Worth

Too much focus on vaccines

President Joe Biden showed why so many people have lost faith in his leadership. His omicron speech Tuesday demonstrated a monomaniacal devotion to vaccines.

The news is full of stories of inoculations not preventing all infections. With outbreaks in highly vaccinated professional sports and even among White House staff, his focus was on shots. What about treatments being developed for COVID-19 that could keep people from getting sicker or being hospitalized?

Biden’s speech reminds one of the “Saturday Night Live” sketch in which a music producer demands that the song needs “more cowbell.” All he can do is repeat it.

- John Penn, Fort Worth

Progressive approach is evil

Here is what I’m hearing from the progressives about COVID-19: You didn’t do what we told you to do, so therefore you must die. I’m never going to do what you tell me to do. I volunteer to be governed, but you will not dictate to the American people.

I implore my Democratic friends to turn away from this evil progressive/communist movement. They are choosing political positions to divide us.

- Gene Tignor, Emory

But are we really back yet?

Your newspaper was a bit optimistic in Sunday’s section declaring 2021 “The Year We Came Back.” (1G) People are still getting sick and dying from COVID-19, and now there’s a new surging variant, omicron.

We are in the pandemic of the unvaccinated. These folks dispute science until they end up in the hospital begging for science to save their lives.

- Elizabeth Tye, Arlington

The Senate doesn’t represent

Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to President Joe Biden’s signature legislation points out how one senator can offset a tied Senate and save the country from a possible existential economic threat.

But here’s something else to consider. Block voting in parties shows how other senators are giving up their rights to vote their consciences. Even if their constituents overwhelmingly scream for or against a bill, the senators are locked in.

This is not exactly government by representation.

- Bill Hodges, Colleyville

Memories of ‘Pretty Paper’

Thanks for Bud Kennedy’s column about Willie Nelson’s song “Pretty Paper” and the person selling pencils on the sidewalk. (Dec. 19, 5C, “Willie Nelson’s sad ‘Pretty Paper’ is a real story, and it’s set in downtown Fort Worth”)

I had heard the story but hadn’t seen the photo of disabled street vendor Frankie Brierton of Santo, who was the likely inspiration of Nelson’s song. I don’t remember seeing the man, but a friend did.

We went to Leonard’s Department Store in downtown Fort Worth a lot when I was growing up. I remember when the store installed escalators. We were afraid to get on them.

- David Hill, Burleson

Are these really jobs for the feds?

It seems like the only response to COVID-19, tornado damage and other concerns is throwing a huge amount of federal money at them. Think about the national debt. I wonder whether we’ll get thoughtful accounting to show whether the money was allocated wisely.

- Lee Anderson, Fort Worth

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