Driving Rain From Tropical Storm Grace Lashes Mexican City of Tuxpan

Tropical Storm Grace produced strong winds and driving rain in Tuxpan, Mexico, as it moved over parts of the country’s east-central region and weakened on Saturday, August 21.

Footage filmed by Twitter user @OsirisCV, who said it was filmed in Tuxpan, shows stormy conditions lashing the city during the early hours on Saturday.

Accumulated rainfall in Mexico City was expected to reach up to 75 millimeters (about three inches) within 24 hours and up to 150 millimeters (about six inches) in other parts of the country, according to the National Meteorological Service of Mexico.

The National Hurricane Center said the storm was “weakening rapidly” as it moved over land, but would continue to produce rain and flooding. Credit: @OsirisCV via Storyful

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