Drone attacks oil depot in occupied Luhansk, causing explosion and fire

Fire at an oil depot in occupied Luhansk
Fire at an oil depot in occupied Luhansk

An unmanned aerial vehicle or drone attacked an oil depot in occupied Luhansk, causing an explosion and a fire in one of the tanks, Kremlin-controlled Russian news agency TASS claimed on Nov. 4.

The fire was extinguished, and no casualties were reported, TASS said.

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Local residents heard the sound of UAV engines and air defense systems working before the explosion.

The emergency services had to "hide from the kamikaze drones" flying overhead while extinguishing the fire, Russia’s Mash in the Donbas telegram channel wrote.

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Earlier, on Nov. 16, Ukraine hit a missile weapons depot near Russian-occupied Luhansk. The depot was reportedly a former mine mechanical workshop and was used by the Russian army as a hangar for repairing and storing heavy equipment.

Before that, Ukrainian forces struck two air bases near the Russian-occupied cities of Berdyansk and Luhansk on Oct. 17 with recently secretly supplied ATACMS long-range missiles, marking the first time that the U.S.-provided weapons were used in the war, U.S. newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported, citing its sources.

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