Drone crashes into high-rise building in Russia's Tula

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A UAV has crashed into a residential high-rise building in the city of Tula, Russia, on the night of 25-26 November.

Source: Russian Telegram channel Mash

Details: The drone hit an apartment on the building's 12th floor on Khvorostukhin Street.

One person was injured, suffering a foot injury.

Russian journalists claimed that children living on the floor below also sought assistance as they were frightened.

Emergency services are working at the scene.

Updated at 04:51: Tula Oblast Governor Alexei Dyumin claimed that two UAVs had been shot down over Tula. One ended up hitting a high-rise building. The official added that no serious damage had occurred, but windows in three apartments were damaged, and one person was slightly injured.

Updated at 06:30: Russian media claimed that bomb disposal experts had inspected the house on Khvorostukhin Street in Tula and found no explosives inside.

Reports also indicated that the blast wave also smashed windows on the other side of the building.

Вибиті вікна біля будинку, що постраждав від дрона у Тулі
Вибиті вікна біля будинку, що постраждав від дрона у Тулі

Smashed windows near a building hit by a UAV in Tula


Background: On the night of 25-26 November, Russia claimed to have suffered a massive drone attack.

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