The drone pilot saving animals in disaster zones

How to rescue animals in disaster zones

Location: Los Angeles, California

Douglas Thron built this thermal drone camera

which helps to locate trapped animals

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ANIMAL RESCUER, DOUGLAS THRON, SAYING:"So what I do is I fly infrared drones primarily at night over disaster areas after a hurricane or a fire hits and I look for people's pets, whether it be cats or dogs and I also look for injured wildlife. And then either I or rescue crews will go in and rescue the animals after I spot the animals after these natural disasters."

Thron has been hired by the World Wildlife Fund

and even stars in a documentary series about his work


"I mean with the natural disasters getting bigger and bigger, my ultimate goal is to have an animal rescue ranch, where people can adopt these animals because the bulk of the animals, the owners are never found or they're abandoned animals. And then also along with having the animal rescue ranch, I want to be training qualified drone pilots how to use this infrared technology and rescue animals as well."

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