Drowsy Sumatran tiger drifts off to sleep in the morning sunshine

Sumatran tigers are large cats, but the smallest of the subspecies, weighing up to 140kg (308lb) with a body length of 2.5m (7.5 ft). They are majestic animals that have no reason to fear any other creature, except man. hey live exclusively on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. They are adapted for life in tropical rainforest, mountain, and lowland forests. They feed on deer, wild pigs, reptiles, birds and fish. They will even eat berries. Habitat loss and poaching have brought the population of the Sumatran tiger to the point of being critically endangered. Many zoos and conservation organizations are working to limit the human impact on the animals and to increase the populations through captive breeding and studies that increase our understanding of how to help these magnificent animals. The Toronto Zoo is on of the highest rated zoos in the world and they are committed to helping animals all across the planet. Their conditions and care far exceed minimum standards and they provide excellent health care for their animal family. They also provide people with the opportunity to learn about and connect with the animals who share our planet and who depend on our increased respect for their survival. To come to a facility like the Toronto Zoo and to fall in love with the animals here will encourage us all to think more about our consumption, and our impact on habitat. After such wonderful experiences and gaining newfound respect and understanding, it is more likely that we will educate ourselves about the food that we buy and the clothing we wear so that we can support ethical companies that do not destroy crucial habitat. One example of such a practice is the deforestation of palm trees for oil that goes into baked goods like cookies, cakes, and crackers. The palm oil industry is pushing orangutans closer to extinction to meet the demand for palm oil that comes from all over the world. When we take a close look at these beautiful creatures, and then look at ourselves, we can't help but feel responsible for ensuring their survival through better choices.